Treat Your Carpet Floor Like A King

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June 5, 2019
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Shampooing Your Carpet

People who want top-level care for their floors often ask, how would you care for your floors at home. They want to know what a professional would do to take care of their own carpets at home. Here are some top floor care tips so you can care for your carpets like an expert.  

Shampooing Your Carpet

Routine and Correct Vacuuming 

The best way to care for your floors is with routine vacuuming. Ideally, carpets should be vacuumed properly at least once a week, twice a week for high traffic areas. What is proper vacuuming you ask?  

There are many ways to vacuum a floor incorrectly and one way to do it properly and effectively. Proper vacuuming is very similar to lawn mowing, you want to do it in overlapping rows. You also want to make sure you do not go too fast across the floor. The vacuum needs enough time for the suction to be effective and pull as much dirt as possible out of the carpet fibers. The most focus should be put on pulling the vacuum back toward you as that is when the suction is strongest. Make sure to go in all one direction (horizontally) and then again in the opposite direction (vertically).  

Also, make sure to start with an empty canister or a bag that is no more than half full. An overfull vacuum has less suction power.  

Get Some Rugs 

There are three places you should use high-quality rugs in your home to protect your carpets.  

  • The outside of doors 
  • The inside of exterior doors 
  • In high traffic areas 

High-quality doormats should be used on both sides of exterior doors to keep as much dirt off of your carpet as possible. Dirt is enemy number one to carpet and the majority of dirt in your carpet comes from outside and is carried in on the soles of your shoes. Get shoes cleaner before they enter the home with high-quality doormats. Outside mats should have a brush-like texture to remove the bulk of dirt and inside mats should be soft to wipe away the loose stuff that didn’t fully come off. Mats should also be at least as wide as the door and deep enough to take a couple of steps on.  

In high traffic areas protect carpets from being worn faster than other areas with the use of quality area rugs. They work as a buffering layer and rugs are more easily replaced than one area of the carpet. 



Remove Shoes at the Door 

Because your shoes bring in most of the dirt into your home, the best way to drastically reduce the dirt in your floor is with a no-shoes in the home policy. You will be surprised at how much it helps. 

Spot Clean ASAP 

The best way to be successful in removing accidental stains is to clean them as soon as they happen, or at least as soon as they are noticed. The longer a stain sits the harder it is to remove and more likely it is to be permanent. The best method is to blot and never rub and make sure the cleaning solution used gets rinsed from the carpet and then the carpet gets as dry as possible.  

Periodically Move the Furniture 

With time, heavy furniture will begin to create indents in your carpet. The way to prevent these spots from becoming permanently matted is to move the furniture and re-fluff these areas about two or three times a year.  

Don’t Forget Professional Deep Cleaning and Stain Guard 

The only way to ensure your carpets are truly clean is with professional deep cleaning from a trustworthy carpet cleaning company. Over time dirt and other particles get deep into the carpet fibers where your vacuum can’t reach. Once a year you need to have your carpets professionally deep cleaned to keep them truly clean and prolong their useful life.  

It is a good idea to have the stain guard treatment applied as well. This will help immensely when spot cleaning.