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Carpet Sample Remnants

Looking for big savings on your next carpet installation? Consider carpet remnants. While the word ‘remnant’ may conjure up patchwork scraps, carpet remnants can be hundreds or even thousands of square feet, enough to give your room or home the unified, sleek style you’re looking for. Let the experts at the Carpet City of Vancouver in Vancouver, WA ease your mind and lay out the pros and cons of buying carpet remnants.

Carpet Sample RemnantsBut first, what is a carpet remnant?

Carpet remnants are, just as they sound, the leftovers from purchases of large amounts of wholesale carpet from carpet manufacturers. Carpet remnants are not, as some suspect, leftovers from individual installations being resold at a double profit to the showroom. While a remnant often won’t do the job for tens of thousands of square feet of matching carpet, remnants can easily carpet several rooms or an entire apartment. So why browse and buy carpet remnants at all?

Pro: Big Savings
Because the carpet roll is incomplete, it is no longer enough carpet for certain large jobs. As such, in order to make room for more massive rolls of carpet, the manufacturer sells these remnants off at a discount. Meaning that those savings are passed on to you, the homeowner. Because we’re moving product that needs to be moved (benefit to the manufacturer), carpet remnants often represent a steep discount from full carpet roll prices (benefit to you). Win-win!

Con: Limited Selection
Because the buyer is limited to choices that the manufacturer makes, a buyer doesn’t get the full catalog of carpet options. While there is still a considerable selection to choose from, carpet remnants are likely not the best choice for homeowners who are looking for a very large amount of the same carpet, or a very specific color, pattern, or fiber.

Pro: Instant Gratification
Need a project done fast? Carpet remnants are there for you. Because the rolls are kept in-house, what you see is exactly what you get. There’s no need to wait for orders to be shipped and arrive, and installation can begin as soon as your professionals are ready.

Con: Warranties May Vary
Because the carpet remnants are cut, they may, in some cases, not be covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Talk to your carpet installation professional to see about warranty options that may cover your carpet remnants.

We’re here to help! Call today or come by our showroom. It will be our privilege to discuss your options and assist you in selecting kitchen flooring that provides beauty and performance you’ll love.